Kids Night Out!  - December 17 @ 6:00pm

Kids Night Out! - December 17 @ 6:00pm

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3 hours of crafts, games, food, and sillyness - and the theme for this month is "Tis the Season".

Registration includes pizza, fruit, veggies, drinks, entertainment, and crafts.   In December, your child will come home with the 3 wrapped gifts that they hand-made.   The gifts are perfect for Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Grandparents.

We babysit your kiddo(s), we feed them, and they come home with 3 wrapped hand-made gifts.   You're welcome, and how can you pass this up?!

Seating is even more limited than previous years - don't miss out!

BONUS -- Multiple kids means a discount also!

Ages 6+