About Us

We are your premier DIY Workshop Studio in the great town of Hilliard, OH, and surrounding areas.
Many studios specialize in specific projects, such as painting or wood signs, but here at Creative Art Bar, we love to branch out and try different projects. And once we feel like we master them, we bring them to you! Sure, that requires a lot of work on our part, but when someone walks into the studio and walks out so proud of what they just accomplished, it makes all of that time priceless.
We also strive to offer projects that are will become family treasures for many years to come, and not just placed on a shelf to later be thrown away.
We are a family of 5 that love to get our hands dirty, make mistakes, and execute really fun and unique projects. This is something Hilliard, Ohio has been missing for quite some time, and are excited to be the ones now offering this exciting space.
Nick and Kristina have been married for almost 13 years, and don’t see an end in sight.
Our family is everything, we have 3 amazing boys, and the two oldest have been very involved with some product design and execution, as well as setting up the workshop space - in addition, they are turning into little salesmen, more and more, every day! Not only are you getting locally made, affordable, products, but you will see some products with a unique perspective as well.
We look forward to meeting everyone, developing long lasting relationships, and being a part of your family memories in the near future. Hopefully we will meet you soon, and enjoy some time together.